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Wax fondant

Wax fondant
10 September 2021 L'aRt osé
In Blog

You may know those scented waxes that are burned on a perfume burner. Find out how to use them, some tips for storing them and where to order them to enjoy delicious room fragrances at low prices ! The wax melter is an everyday object that brings warmth and comfort to your interior. It scents quickly and effectively. So how does it work ? Which burner to choose ? We will explain everything to you !

Wax melter what is it ?

You have already seen these small molded wax objects but never understood what they were used for ? It's simple, these scented waxes are to be melted using a perfume burner. Place the burner on a flat surface, use a tea light to put at the bottom of the burner, then place the fondant at the top of the burner. Be careful if the burner is small you may need to cut the fondant. Art Osé offers fondants small size that adapt to all diffusers. Use a gas lighter to light the plate warmer and go ! The phenomenon begins ! You will see your little wax slowly liquefy. As the wax melts, it becomes liquid, hence the name of fondant wax. Once liquid, the scent evaporates and diffuses into your room. It will only take a few minutes to already smell the delicious scent of your wax melter !

How to choose my oil burner ?

Yes but what I have to burn my wax on ? Does an essential oil burner work ? well yes ! Any essential oil burner will do.. But beware, stay close to the diffuser especially if this is the first time you are using it ! You may have a bad surprise, if the wax overflows, or if smoke emerges. Indeed when the wax melts it is retained in the small hollow of the burner, but it is enough that this hollow is not big enough or the wax melter too big for your wax to overflow ! Likewise if you observe that smoke is emitted, it is not good. If smoke emerges, the burner is too small and therefore the wax is too close to the flame of the plate warmer. You need a ceramic burner which is therefore not too small, not too big. Indeed if it is too big, the heat on the contrary will not be strong enough and the wax will take a very long time to melt. L’art Osé has selected burners suitable for our fondants, you will find them on our online store.

How to change the smell ?

Once you have put your fondant on and it melts on your burner, you can enjoy many hours of perfume. Indeed the principle is different from the candle, where the wax burns on the wick is therefore quickly disappears by burning the perfume. For the fondant, the wax does not burn but it just melts. This means that the perfume does not burn either but is drawn into the air with the heat. That's why with a fondant rather than a candle, often the smell is stronger. If ever there is smoke on the other hand, it is surely a sign that the perfume is burning, this is why it should be avoided. Thanks to this gentle diffusion mode, the perfume can keep all its complexity and is even more beautiful ! But you gonna tell me how long it lasts ? In fact you can make it last as long as you want ! For example I light my tealight candle, the wax melts, an hour later I turn it off. Then the next day I start again. In total it takes on average to 10 at 15 hours to exhaust all the fragrance of the fondant. At the end the scent will be very light and this is when you can change the wax. To change the wax you can either empty the wax when it is melted in a trash can, either let it cool then put the burner in the freezer 10 minutes, then you can take off the wax easily. This last technique is also valid if you want to change the smell for another fondant.

Rather than a candle, a wax melter

For a scented candle, you have to light it and wait one to two hours for the surface of the candle to melt before extinguishing it. Thanks to wax melts, no more waiting, you can let it melt for just a few minutes. To get your miraculous fondants, go to the L’art Osé website in the Fondants section and you will have a choice of different quality scents created by the perfumer and creator of the brand. One last tip : before using your fondants, you can keep them in your cabinet in a fabric pouch and they will perfume your cabinet. Order your fondants from € 5 to discover our delicious, skilfully dosed perfumes !

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