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    Sarah fell in perfumes since childhood, she knew very quickly that his vocation was to create fragrances. She studied chemistry and has a professional master in perfumes of the Faculty of Montpellier. After a perfumer in Grasse experience, must for learning the ropes, she returned to her hometown Toulouse.

    In 2015 she created her company specializing in tailored perfume scented candle. Thereafter, Sarah launched her brand named for its pink city : The aRt Osé. She hopes to reach a wide audience by offering highly qualitative and based perfumes beautiful natural raw materials. Scents are vectors of emotion and is a passionate wishing to convey his creations his love perfume. In 2019 Sarah wants to share his passion and offers workshops perfume creation customized in Toulouse.

    winter candle

    winter candle
    18 January 2022 L'aRt osé
    In Blog
    winter candle

    Winter is well underway, the cold is reaching our homes. Scented candles are back to bring us their sparkling laziness and delicate fragrance. L'art Osé scented candles are the perfect symbiosis between a pretty container, which makes a luxurious and qualitative object and a voluptuous perfume. We help you choose the scent you need to last all winter long with L’art Osé scented candle.

    The scented candle a current trend ?

    The scented candle brings us comfort to the soul, especially in foggy or rainy gray weather. ! She is there in our home to accompany us during our winter evenings or weekends resting under the plaid. It is the essential accessory to feel good in your interior. Thanks to her, you can bring a different atmosphere and vary it according to your mood. A scented candle, somehow personalize your home. The smell is therefore very important and even essential. La marque L’art Osé a été créée par une spécialiste des parfums, a “nose” comme on dit. The perfumer invents her perfumes and tests them in wax until she obtains a fragrance that diffuses and lasts a long time.. The scents of L'art Osé are created with beautiful quality raw materials. The perfume is dosed at 10% in wax, which allows a good diffusion both hot and cold. With L’art Osé candles, go with confidence to select your perfume. Each scent is a marvel.

    How to choose your winter candle ?

    Art Osé offers several ranges of scented candles, two of them are excellent for winter. First the collection “winter is coming” with scents specially designed to support this time of year. the candle “Biscuit de Noël” for example brings you the warmth of spices and Christmas scents it is invigorating and warm, like a good spiced chai tea. Another candle that will bring you joy, the candle “Rowing boat” inspired by caramel carambar will take you back to your childhood with its delicious smell of vanilla caramel. If you like sweets, you will also be conquered by the candles “Marron Glacé” which smells really very good of chestnut cream, and the candle “Califourchon” at the calisson of Aix. The latter smells of almond with a fresh side of melon and orange. We've been around the scent candles “sweet” so let's move on to the other candles of the brand. the candle “Kyphi” is perhaps the most original, in effect, it is inspired by a scent of ancient Egypt. This perfume which was burned for the prayer was a solid perfume with in particular incense, myrrh, spices, flowers and woods. This inspiring scent will make you relax and forget the grayness.

    What is the wood wick ?

    You will find other great winter candle ideas in the collection “Les Boisées“. This collection, brings together L'art Osé candles with a woody scent and a wooden wick. The idea is to highlight the pretty screen-printed glass with a deer and whose wick symbolizes the antlers. But what is a wooden wick? ? A wooden wick is a wooden rod that replaces the classic cotton wick of candles. It rests on a metal base. The advantage of this type of wick, is that the candle crackles. Indeed, the wood during the burn makes a small crackling pleasant to the ear and which gives a sound atmosphere. Osé art offers different scents. The first the candle “Santaka” is based on sandalwood and tonka bean. It is a woody but sweet and gourmet candle at the same time. the candle “Pashmina” is also a bit greedy, because the perfumer wanted to exacerbate the chocolate side of the patchouli. Then you have the cooler candles, like the candle “Koala Dream” Eucalyptus, or even the candle “Christmas Tree” reminiscent of the smell of the Christmas tree. The last fruitier one is the “Figgy” with figs and fig wood. So there is something for everyone in this woody collection.

    How long do the candles last ?

    The candles of L'art Osé in a version 150 grams last approximately 32 hours. You can also opt for larger candles, like candles 3 wicks “large bougie” or “giant candle” which allow you to perfume a large space. The giant candle lasts 52 Burning hours. Candles should be melted to the brim before being extinguished, following this practice, you will optimize the candle and you will not lose a gram of wax. The candle should burn all the way down, even if you see the wick holder, until the flame goes out, you can keep burning your candle. Between each ignition, you have to think about cutting the wick 0,5 cm. To order L’art Osé candles, just go to the online store. You can take advantage of free home delivery in mainland France, from 20 € order. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on L'art Osé once your candle has been received to help people who also wish to order online..

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