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craft candle

craft candle
24 April 2020 L'aRt osé
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Hand candle

Looking for a candle that is truly handcrafted? Handcrafted in a small workshop near you? Stop looking around, you're in the right place. Here is the site of L’art Osé, an artisanal brand of scented candles made in France in Toulouse. Sarah the designer is a perfumer and she creates the product from A to Z! We tell you everything!

scented candle artisanal

Most commercial candles are not handcrafted. Indeed the candle making by hand takes a lot of time! Machines exist and make hundreds of candles an hour. For L’art Osé everything is handmade one hour allows you to do only 8 candles! You are surprised that our candles do not cost 10 €? Here is part of the answer. But that's not all! We also create perfumes. Developing a fragrance can take weeks or even months. The perfumer formulates the perfume from his perfume organ with natural essences or organic molecules. Thanks to her know-how she finds the right combination to create the desired perfume. Each fragrance contains between 20 and 40 different molecules or essences. The perfume once made in sample is tested in the wax. The smell is then modified because the wax smothers part of the odorous molecules. When the candle is cool you get a certain smell. This smell must be pleasant, strong enough without being heady. Then comes the burning stage. The candle must burn properly, I’ve heard that some brands don’t even test perfumes and that candles can really catch fire!! When burning, the smell that emanates is still different. So you have three phases to test a perfume. The scent of the candle should emit correctly when it burns and spread well.

Candle making

Once the scent has been tested and validated, there remains the manufacture. First we choose a name for the fragrance. We find a nice color for the glass. We now have 4 perfume collections, the perfume will therefore be in one of the four collections according to its olfactory family and the time of year when it will be most suitable. We also have to deal with the regulations which are very demanding and which still take a long time. We list the allergen molecules of each essential oil to label them. It is also necessary to indicate the other risks on the label which are required by the regulations. We print labels for each scent. Then the candle is made by hand. The wax is heated in a bain-marie then once around 70 ° C it is melted, we weigh it then let it cool for a few moments and put it 10% of the fragrance. Shake and pour the liquid preparation into the pretty glass candle jars. A few moments later and gently place the cotton wick. Then let it cool overnight and the next day heat the surface of the candle to smooth it. Let cool again. Then we clean it, we stick the labels and put it in its lined box. It is thus well protected and ready to ship. Now the precious one is waiting wisely to come to your house 😉

For order an artisanal candle L’art Osé This is where it happens. Visit our online store. Secure payment and fast delivery by colissimo. Free from a candle!

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