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A scented candle at Christmas French

A scented candle at Christmas French
27 November 2017 L'aRt osé
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Have fun and have fun here are two watchwords for the winter period and the Christmas holidays! Come on, we take out the candles and the plaid and we make ourselves a little tea or hot chocolate! To order a French scented candle you must call L’aRt Osé, perfumer and creator of atmosphere since 2015, this artisanal brand made in France will transport you thanks to its unique and wonderful smells.

Why choose a French candle?

France does not have a monopoly on scented candles (unfortunately) and many American candles or other countries are appearing in stores. However, the quality varies enormously from one candle to another and it should be remembered that the French who excel in the art of perfumery also have a very fine little nose.. This is why we quickly make the difference between an American candle and its raw scent., with very strong smells but without any charm and which very quickly become disgusting. French candles know how to make the difference with much more complex and worked perfumes, fine scents that you never get tired of.

L’aRt Osé creator of perfume

The L’aRt Osé brand is unique because it was created by a perfumer. Indeed all the perfumes come from the work of developing complex formulas in order to arrive at the perfect equation of the pleasure of the senses.. The perfume thus created can then be incorporated into the wax at a very high concentration. : 10%. It is the same concentration of perfume as in an eau de toilette! Yes it justifies the price but not for anything, for the quality and refinement of the perfumes. A candle that burns properly and without digging. And a perfect diffusion of the fragrance throughout the room. Test the French quality and order now on our online store your French scented candle!

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