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scented candle made in French Toulouse

scented candle made in French Toulouse
5 January 2018 L'aRt osé
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More than just a decorative object, the French scented candle is a seductive and moving multi-sensory object. Smells speak to our memories and feelings, which is why it is important not to forget them to feel good in your home. The scents are revealed as the wax liquefies, making the small flame of your L’aRt Osé candle sparkle. All our creations are made in Toulouse.

French scented candles

Our artisanal creations are entirely designed in Toulouse by the creator and young perfumer of the brand. We strive to offer perfumes of incomparable quality, concocted from natural essences from Grasse. These scents are very concentrated in the wax which allows your candle to diffuse throughout the burn for 32 hours. The candle burns completely which makes it possible not to waste wax. You can then collect the pretty candle holder to use it again in your interior decoration. Discover a wide choice of scents in our 4 collections. Floral scents, fruity and powdery in the Opales collection. Spicy or gourmet scents in the Winter is Coming collection. Woody fragrances in the woody collection. And finally exotic notes in the summer collection.

Order scented candle

L’aRt Osé candles made in Toulouse have astonishing and original scents that will satisfy the curious and lovers of novelty. All our fragrances are original and are not available elsewhere than in our candles and scented waxes. You can order your candle online with secure payment and benefit from free delivery from 50 € of order. For smaller budgets, you can discover our scents thanks to the fondants which are scented waxes which offer you 15 hours of burning in a diffuser. You can order 3 waxes for only 5 € what makes you 45 burning hours!

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