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The scented candle craft a lasting gift idea

The scented candle craft a lasting gift idea
1 June 2017 L'aRt osé

You are looking for an original and lasting gift idea, or new methods to spread a pleasant interior fragrance in your apartment or house without polluting it or degrading the air? A handmade and natural scented candle will meet all your expectations !

How to Buy a Natural Handmade Scented Candle ?

Despite what we believe, scented candles are the healthiest means of diffusion among the perfume and incense diffusers on the market. Favoring natural artisanal scented candles like our brand L'aRt Osé will allow you to promote sustainable agriculture since our candles are without palm waxes., GMO soy free, and to encourage a creative perfumer who is passionate about her job. Craftsmanship is not only a way to exercise your passion but also to share happiness and emotions, since we know that the sense of smell is the first sense linked to our feelings. Relax in your bath by the light of a handcrafted scented candle, or have a romantic dinner with your partner by the light of the flame… there are many ways to enjoy a natural handmade scented candle !

Where to find a handmade scented candle ?

You can order handmade scented candle directly on our website, with a wide choice of scents subtly created by the creative perfumer. Our L’aRt Osé candles of incomparable quality will bring you an optimal diffusion of their refined scents throughout the room.. They will perfume your interior during 32 Burning hours. You can then recover the glass to use it as a candle holder because at L'aRt Osé nothing is lost, everything is recycled.! Finding a handmade scented candle will allow you to subtly illuminate and perfume your interior..

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