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Scented candle

Scented candle
27 June 2017 L'aRt osé

Today it is difficult to pass by without seeing or sniffing her, the scented candle is everywhere! No more detergent and household product odors that soullessly perfumed our interiors. Now the scents are subtle, gourmets there is something for all tastes and for all nostrils.

French scented candle

The clever mixtures of perfumers are no longer reserved for skin perfumes, perfumers or “nose” also like to create for the scented candle. Why a candle should have fewer qualities than a perfume for yourself? This is how we can discover perfumes constructed as “La Nuit Noire” by L’aRt Osé or “Kyphi” inspired by Ancient Egypt. That's not all. Have you ever smelled the scent of jasmine in the rain? The aRt Osé makes you discover or rediscover it. These are fragrances that provoke emotions because they are thus created to touch and amaze. If you want to’buy a scented candle for yourself or to offer, you can choose between woody scents, flowery or fruity, composed of sumptuous complementary chords. Place a natural scented candle in your living room or bedroom, relax and let yourself be invaded by their divine scents. With their dream and escape fragrance, the candles of the range “Summer” will remind you of vacation time, while the sweet and floral scents of the range “Les Opales” will make you discover the wonders of nature and perfume plants.

True fragrance scented candle

Unlike industrial scented candles, our artisanal candles made in France diffuse authentic scents, developed by a passionate perfumer. Our products are made from natural and vegetable waxes, which optimize the lasting diffusion of the fragrance. In our online store, you can easily order the scented candle of your choice. Your order will be accompanied by candle samples that will allow you to discover new smells.

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