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Bougie de Luxe

Bougie de Luxe
7 October 2018 L'aRt osé
In Blog

Want a brand of scented candle of high quality with neat packaging for your Christmas gifts?
Discover L’aRt Osé of handmade scented candles made in France from natural essences. Incredible scents crafted by the brand's perfumer that you won't find anywhere else. Real luxury candle.

luxury candle

Our scented candles are all hand poured into pretty colored tealight holders. Find the color and scent that matches your interior ambiance or if you can't find : create there!
L’aRt Osé offers you to personalize the color of your candle as well as the scent and the wick in wood or in pure cotton. Our candles burn perfectly all the way to the end without wasting wax and diffuse their beautiful scents throughout the house for long hours.. The luxury candle is a magnificent packaging, a pretty candle that burns perfectly to the end and a fine and delicate scent.


dream candle

Let yourself be transported by our incredible scents like the scent of Kyphi of Ancient Egypt, or take a trip to America with the scent Pina Colada or mojito cocktail. Our perfumes will take you on a journey and give your interior a warm and welcoming atmosphere.. Scented candles with natural non-GMO soy wax and fragrances designed with natural plant essences. Sophisticated and luxurious fragrances to fill your nostrils with happiness. turn on your L’aRt Osé candle and relax! Choose from our 4 collections and their universe varying according to the desire and the season. For autumn, the Winter is Coming collection will warm you up with its gourmet scents. Choose the Les Opales collection for soft and powdery scents.
Enjoy free delivery from 50€ order. Receive your candles in 3 working days for gifts that always arrive on time.

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