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Handmade candle created in Toulouse

Handmade candle created in Toulouse
31 October 2022 L'aRt osé
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handmade candle Toulouse

You are looking for locally made artisan candles ? L'art Osé offers you its unique creations created by a “nose” Toulouse. The artisanal candle created in Toulouse has been our niche since 2015. And since November, after months of development, we are very happy to offer you a wax candle 100% vegetable made in Europe. We tell you a little more about the brand ?

Handmade candle created in Toulouse

Sarah Grivot creates L’art Osé in 2015, the young perfumer passionate about scents challenges herself to create a brand from A to Z. She creates perfumes, chooses the packaging and makes the candles by hand. Since 2015 the brand has evolved ! We have perfected our products to offer you excellent candles ! Optimal diffusion, an incredible scent. You have never felt this before because our perfumes are unique creations. These are refined and sophisticated smells. Fragrances are complex creations and not a simple vanilla or cedar scent. Our perfumes are real original compositions. Sarah wanted to create a brand rich in colors and pep's. She chose colored glasses, which can be reused once the candle is finished.

Vegetable candles

Since November 2022, Sarah has developed candles from a new wax 100% european soy vegetable. So that you are satisfied with the change, Sarah had the candles tested by a panel of 10 clients of L’art Osé. The tests made it possible to validate where not the candles. Those that have been validated will be released on 5/11/2022. These soy wax candles, are made with a wooden wick.
The wooden wick allows an even melting of the candle, since it does not lean to one side or the other. This new wick allows the fragrance to fully diffuse. The wooden wick crackles with a soft little sound which adds a little cocooning charm. The candle is therefore composed of materials of vegetable origin and very concentrated perfume in order to smell it perfectly until the end of the candle..

How are candles made ?

First of all, we make the scent of the candle, thanks to our high quality raw materials the perfumes are very qualitative.
We use a precision scale to weigh the fragrance formula. Then once the perfume is made, the wax is melted in a bain-marie so as not to damage it. Then we pour the wax into a container, and when the temperature is low enough, we add the perfume concentrate. Then we stir with a stirrer the wax and the perfume so that the perfume penetrates well into the wax. Once the mixture is homogeneous, we pour the mixture into the glasses, which have been heated beforehand so as not to cause thermal shock to the wax. We weigh the amount of wax in each candle. The wick was fixed in the center of the glass before pouring the wax thanks to its metal support. The candles then cool naturally, then we smooth the surface with a heat gun. The candles are then cooled again and left to cure for 2 weeks to stabilize the fragrance. Finally, we clean the candles, stick the labels and pack the candles in its box.

Delivery and secure payment

Candles are shipped in padded packages using tissue paper, and solid recyclable cardboard. We offer you small scented fondants in your package which arrives already scented. Online payment is secure thanks to a serious platform. If you don't like the candle you receive, you have 14 days to return it according to the law. If you want to smell the fragrances first before ordering your candles, you can first order flavored fondant to discover our perfumes. Your L'art Osé candle is an artisanal candle created in Toulouse, hand poured.

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