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French scented candles

French scented candles
22 April 2016 L'aRt osé

Did you know ? It is now possible for you to embalm your place of life with sweet and exotic scents while providing valuable support for French craftsmanship.. L’aRt Osé’s online store allows you to find French scented candles handmade in the Toulouse region, and recreate many olfactory atmospheres at home !

French deco scented candles

The candles designed and sold by L'aRt Osé offer an original format that is pleasing to the eye : the scented wax is housed in a delicate little glass jar, that you can then reuse as you wish to make, For example, a beautiful candle holder. The entire manufacturing process takes place directly in France, in Sarah's studio in Toulouse. The natural french scented candles de L’aRt Osé use the magic of essential oils to extract and diffuse captivating and surprising scents, evoking sometimes a winter by the fire and sometimes a hike in the forest in the heat of summer.

Order French scented candles

You are looking for a reference site for buy French scented candles ? Do not go further ! The aRt Osé offers you a first sensory experience without obligation, by purchasing three samples for the sum of €5 in exchange for a voucher for an additional €5. Do not hesitate to group your purchases of scented candles, insofar as an order of more than 70€ allows us to offer you the shipping costs !