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Hey Toulouse

Hey Toulouse

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scented candle fragrance violet and blackcurrant

150 grams - about 36 hours of burns

Toulouse violet small, fragile flower with such a powerful scent.
Be amazed by his will.

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Toulouse Violet Candle : violet flowers and blackcurrant berries

A powerful floral note and Toulouse violet diffusive mixed with the fruity freshness of blackcurrant bay. A fragrance that hangs in the air and recalls the atmosphere of a hothouse flowers in purple. A Toulouse violet and blackcurrant scented candle that is both floral and fruity.

A word of creative : “Could not miss the iconic flower of my town pink. I reworked with blackcurrant to bring a cool side and not the caricature to a sweet note candy. We discover the violet to such natural what is the best in its olfactory expression and in her legendary grace.”

The fragrance contains natural essential oils. The wooden wick crackles when burning. It is reminiscent of the sound of a chimney fire or rain.

The beautiful glass is reusable as candle because the wax is washed with hot water.

  • Vegan : Without raw material of animal origin, without palm wax, no coconut, neither beeswax
  • Made in France : Our candles are poured by hand in France
  • European soy wax wooden wick that crackles

Usage tips:

Burning the candle until the entire surface is melted.
The off with a snuffer or nose to avoid the smoke.
Cut the wick 0,5 cm before relight. The wick can be cut with the fingers when it has been burned.

To learn more about creative perfumer.

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L’art Osé candles are handmade in Toulouse. Perfumer Sarah creates the fragrance, then mixing the candle with wax. Each L’art Osé scent is a unique olfactory creation. You will not find these perfumes anywhere else.

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  1. Candle that smells great of spring, cold and hot!
    The balance is perfect between not strong enough and too strong..

  2. A floral candle that smells divinely good both hot and cold.
    A well-balanced, not-too-strong smell that reminds me of lots of childhood memories.!
    Little extra for the crackling wooden wick ! I love !!

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