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Marron Glacé

Marron Glacé

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perfumed scent and glossy brown raisin candle

150 grams - about 36 hours of burns

A chestnut brown freshly packed in its gold paper.
A gourmet pleasure that we like to remember.

Warm and comforting, this fragrance will warm your winter evenings.

Crackling wooden wick !

Colissimo free delivery in mainland France

In stock (can be backordered)


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Scented Candle with Glazed Chestnut and Raisin

A gourmet and amber iced chestnut candle perfect for winter evenings.
Its scent of chestnut cream, vanilla with a raisin note is truly addictive.

The pretty natural wood wick crackles. It makes a small crackle when burning, reminiscent of a chimney fire or rain..

A fragrance created by the designer perfumer by peeling the subtle aromas of iced chestnut and chestnut cream.

The beautiful glass is reusable as candle because the wax is washed with hot water.

    • Vegan : Without raw material of animal origin, without palm wax, Not tested on animals
    • Made in France : Our candles are poured by hand in France
    • European soy vegetable wax

You can protect your candle with a pretty engraved cover

Usage tips:

Burning the candle until the entire surface is melted.
The off with a snuffer or nose to avoid the smoke.
Cut the wick 0,5 cm before relight. You can trim the wick with your fingers or use a wick trimmer.

The iced brown candle, chestnut cream is delicious and comforting. It brings a warm scent for the fall winter season. Sarah was inspired by vanilla chestnut cream to formulate this fragrance. It was by breaking down the smell that she was able to approach it. She wanted to add a raisin note to give it an additional fruity touch.. The chestnut cream candle is very pretty and you will be able to recover its superb candle holder at the end of the burn.. It is important to let it burn long enough for the melted wax to reach the edges.. Indeed this candle is very concentrated in essential oils and resinoids (raw materials extracted from tree resins) which makes it burn a little slower than the others. You will also notice the color of its darker wax, light brown which is due entirely to the fragrance.

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  1. My favorite candle! A sweet winter smell is spicy at the same time. The candle melts slowly, and evenly ! It perfumes my 30m² room very well. I recommend for all Christmas candle fans!

  2. This is my favorite candle ! The smell is really exquisite and perfect for autumn/winter evenings ! Above all, do not hesitate !

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