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Mango Jewel Candle Gold plated earring

Mango Jewel Candle Gold plated earring


Mango Scent Bracelet Jewel Candle

An exotic and refreshing scent !
With a nice pair of gold plated earrings inside.

Candle 150 grams – about 32 hours of burns

Earring value € 14

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Mango Jewel Candle Gold plated earrings

This pretty mango earring jewel candle has a surprise inside. You will discover after a few hours of burning your candle a surprise jewel hidden inside ! No worries, the jewel will not be covered with wax, since this one is carefully packaged.

The mango candle is an original and much appreciated fragrance. It brings liveliness and energy to the atmosphere of your interior. A sparkling and sweet tonic scent at the same time. The smell is not too strong not to be stubborn, but it smells good for lasting perfume.

Discover in the candle a pair of gold-plated earrings 750, 3 microns, that is to say 3 gold plated layers. The loops are therefore made to resist water and over time.
The patterns of the earrings are a small shell, leaf, the moon and the sun, a bar, or even a cloud. Something to satisfy your child's soul while wearing modern and trendy jewelry.

The earrings are with standard clasps and their small size allows them to be positioned in different places of the lobe or the ear.

The scented candle makes 150 grams and lasts 32 hours. Once your finished candle, you can collect the glass jar to make a candle holder or a small container for a cactus or a makeup pencil jar.

To properly use the earring jewel candle, we recommend that you leave it on long enough for the entire surface of the candle to be melted (liquid). If you don't let it burn long enough, the wax may dig. To extinguish the candle, it is preferable to use a snuffer to avoid fumes. Before relighting the candle, it is imperative to cut the wick, the curved part of the bit is to be cut, leave a wick of about 0,5 cm.

When the jewel's aluminum packaging is visible, put out the candle, then recover the jewel using pliers. You can then unpack the jewel and put it on your wrist !

Find the Mango fragrance in wax fondants to burn on an incense burner !

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